Dan Savage is one of the most influential activists bent on redefining marriage. Millions of Americans have seen his TV show on MTV or read his syndicated column. President Obama and his wife Michelle, along with hundreds of celebrities and sports stars have participated in Savage’s “It Gets Better” anti-bullying project.

But there’s another side to Dan Savage that most haven’t seen: the bully. This April, when speaking to a group of high school students in Seattle, Savage launched into a tirade against Christians and what he termed the “bull****” in the bible.” He went on to call students who attempted to leave his presentation “pansy-a**es”. Savage has a long history of obscene anti-Christian comments, and yet he continues to be celebrated as the face of the gay marriage movement.

Brian Brown is the President of the National Organization for Marriage, the leading organization dedicated to protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman. When Brown heard about what Savage had said about Christians and the bible, and what he had said to high school students who were offended by what he did, Brown issues a challenge to Savage to have a face-to-face debate about what the bible really says about gay marriage, which Savage accepted.

On Wednesday August 15th Brian Brown went to Dan Savage’s house in Seattle for dinner and a discussion moderated by New York Times reporter Mark Oppenheimer.